Affordable Thanksgiving Meals

Happy Thanksgiving inside an autumn wreath

Want to have a great Thanksgiving, but looking to stay on a budget? These affordable Thanksgiving meals help you impress guests without breaking the bank.


Beer Cheese Dip – Who doesn’t love beer cheese? Dip everything from pretzels to veggies and more in this indulgent sauce.

Parmesan Creamed Spinach – Add a touch of unusual autumn flair to this yummy cracker dip by throwing in just a small bit of pumpkin spice.


Baked Mashed Potatoes – What would Thanksgiving be without mashed potatoes? Make them extra yummy with breadcrumbs, cream cheese, and bacon.

Green Beans – This Thanksgiving classic gets an upgrade with orange peels that grant it an extra burst of flavor.

Corn Pudding – Stop worrying if your soufflé turns out just right and opt for this yummy corn dish instead. Egg whites add a lighter taste.


Herb-Roasted Turkey – Looking for healthier turkey options? With nothing but spices, olive oil, and low-sodium chicken broth on this turkey, it’s a great alternative to indulgent dishes.

Ancho-Scallion Roast Turkey Breast – Mix melted butter with garlic, scallions, and ancho chilis that you then rub all over turkey breast as it roasts.

There are many more affordable Thanksgiving meals that you can make, but these are just a few ideas to jumpstart your creativity for an indulgent but inexpensive meal.

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